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Benefits of Banner Exchange

Benefits of Banner Exchange

Digital marketing is fast becoming the best way to market goods and services. Millions of people have smartphones, surf the internet or own a computer. Imagine your business at the reach of your audience! It is a mind-blowing possibility. Apart from social media advertising, there are various other ways your brand could be projected to your potential and existing clients across the globe.  One of them is through banner exchange programs.

Banner advertising is the use of a rectangular graphic display that can be found at the top, bottom or sides of a website or an online media property. These ads are more image-based than text-based and are one of the most popular forms of advertising online.

The purpose of this kind of advertising is to get visitors from the host website, where the banner is showing, to the advertiser’s website. It is a great way to promote your brand and drive traffic to your site.

Here are how banner exchange programs work:

 Members of the exchange program must post a specific number of banner ads on their website. In exchange, your banner ad will be placed on display on another partner site. Ideally, you may have to post two or more ads on your site before one of yours can be displayed. It’s a win-win situation. Members get their brands advertised on various websites for free, and owners also get to sell available banner space for profit. Usually, owners end up having more banner space than they have ads to display, so for every one of your ads they have on their site, the banner exchange is able to sell an advertising space to another.

Benefits of joining a banner exchange program

•     Target audience

Based on people’s browsing history and patterns, your business can easily target the right audience for your brand. This increases the chances of clicks on your banner ads, as well as the conversion rate.

•    Economical

 Banner ads are one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business online. Most exchange programs do not require payment to place your ads on their website, as long as you can post their ads on your site. Getting a unique or distinct banner is also very important as you would want to catch and keep your audience attention. Making banner ads are not expensive; you can create one yourself using any free or cheap banner, creating an app or pay a good graphics designer to create one for you.

•     Brand awareness

 Having your banner advertised on various website strengthens your brand awareness. Even consumers who have never heard of your brand before would be alerted to the great products or services that you render. By clicking on your banner ad, potential customers would be directed to your website to learn more about your company.

•    Long term benefit  

One of the most critical advantages of a banner advert is the ability to maintain campaigns for long periods. The consistency and repetitive nature of banner ads reinforce your brand’s name to the world.

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