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Four Ways Advertising Can Give Your Business Wings to Fly

Four Ways Advertising Can Give Your Business Wings to Fly

It is no news that advertising is everywhere. Like I mentioned in one of my posts, an average consumer sees 3000 ads in a day. Even though tons of us now use AdBlockers, adverts still have a way of getting to us. Suffice to say everyone is advertising but not everyone is profiting from advertising as they should. Worst still, most small scale businesses think they are not big enough to bother themselves about advertising.

In today’s post, you will see five ways advertising can give your business wings to fly.

Increase visibility.

Advertising is communication with the intent to inform, educate, persuade, and continually remind people of your existence and the services you offer.

Repeating this chain will increase your visibility and imaging your advert been part of the 3000 plus ads an average consumer sees daily. Referral through word of mouth will only increase; it will boost your visibility in a competitive market.

  • Increase in revenue

When the number of people that know the product and services you offer a boost, the potential of making more sales and experience rapid growth also increases and will eventually transcend into an increase in revenue. Big businesses did not grow by staying quiet. So, if you must develop that business and increase revenue, advertising is one of your best bet.

  • Customer recruitment

There are more than five billion people in the world and millions of people in your country and locality. So, you have potential customers everywhere. But you have to be top-of-mind to get them because thousands of businesses are competing to get these customers to themselves. What advertising does is to put you on a vantage position. I particularly like the way STEPHANIE THEISEN puts it in her post –

She says, “Advertising serves two key purposes. First, it must inform prospective customers of the benefits of your product or service. And second, it must remind customers you exist.”

  • Brand recognition

Consistent telling people about your business will pay off in a manner you rarely consider. Psychologist posits that the human brain thinks in a category. That is, we can only respond to what the mind knows. When a potential customer walks into a store and sees your product, because the brain can relate with it, based on seen advert on it, purchasing the product and giving it a try becomes easy. And if your product is satisfactory, then, you have yourself a loyal customer.

  • Controlled dialogue

People don’t just patronize your business; they talk about it. There is indeed so much word of mouth can do, but some persons didn’t try that new product because a neighbor said some nasty things about the product. There are a whole lot of others who have not used a product but can tell all the benefits based on the advert they saw. This way makes for building a solid reputation for your business.

There you have it; four reasons why you can’t afford to joke about advertising your business.

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