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How Successful Businesses Advertise And Market

How Successful Businesses Advertise And Market

The beginning of successful advertising is to dream globally but start winning locally. Recently I read an article written by  Sabri Suby on 

It blew my mind off. Sabri was able to expose some of the marketing secrets of top fortune 500 companies. These tips are revolutionary, and I am sure they will change how you market your business.

1.    Brand consistency

In advertising a brand development, staying consistent is the deal. How people perceive your business or organization is very important. Top-of-the-mind awareness is a product of perception. Getting people to always think about what you do is a big task; it becomes more hideous when the brand is not consistent with branding. Changing logos, rebranding and trying out every new trick, is doing harm to your brand. Take Cola-Cola for an example; their red and white logo has not changed for years and counting.

2.    Create a movement

Making people feel they need your product in other to advance their life or live a better experience, is what the concept of creating a campaign is all about. A very good example would be Apple. Apple came at a time when all they thought of producing had been produced. Not just that, there where big names that were competitors. What they simply did was to create a movement by innovating what was already existing. Beautiful gadgets became a new movement. People suddenly had an undying craving for devices that are not just sophisticated but beautiful. So, if you want your product to start winning in among your ever-growing competitors, you really have to start thinking of starting a movement.

3.    Build trust

Trust is said to be earned and not given. I came across some findings that posit that customers become loyal to a product and a brand not just because of the value they derived from using their product, but because they have over time come to trust the brand. What companies among the fortune 500 do, is to develop videos, publish ebooks, come with concept etc. that help their customers to address their challenges that are in consonance with their products, goods and services. Imaging publishing ebooks and curating contents that have to do with how to use the computer and you are into selling computers. Your customers will overtime trust you with their digital need. This is one marketing trick that the big guns have been using for long.

4.    Social integration

Today, over 80 percent of fortune 500 companies are on social media. To show to you that they mean business, they go to the length of hiring media professionals and set up an incredible media unit. From these social media handles, they begin an intimate relationship with their existing customers and would be customers. What could be more amazing as laying complain and having immediate feedback? These companies invest so much on social integration because they know it is paying off. However, you should not just jump into all the social media handles available; you should use the numbers you can manage effectively.

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