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Marketing Tips From Pros

Marketing Tips From Pros

Have you been failing in marketing and want to start winning? This article is for you. More recently, I came across Derek Halpern’s work on Marketing (Social Triggers Insider), and it revolutionized my entire approach to the business of marketing. I have before now benefited from some great marketing moves but never have I had so much breakthrough like I currently experience in marketing. It dawns on me that businesses don’t make large sales not because they don’t market, but because they don’t do it right. So, these tips from the Pros in marketing will surely give you and your business a big leap towards achieving your goals of massive sales and an increase in revenue.

Tip No. 1

Promise: humans are creatures of hope. They will forever hope for something to happen. So, when they see a product or hear of service, the first thing that comes to mind is what can this offer me? This secret is why the pros in marketing counseled that whatever you want to sell or deliver, set the tone first on a promise. That is what they stand to gain from buying a product or patronizing a service. If you can keep them hoping for something to happen, chances are, you have a potential loyal customer.

Tip No. 2

Picture: The human brain thinks in pictures and not in words. So, if you want to get the attention of someone, paint a vivid picture that the mind can relate with and you will have the person’s full attention. When you are marketing your product, you don’t write an epistle or render a well-cultured speech on the features of the product. Instead, you go after the emotions which using that product can evoke. We actually buy with our emotions and justify it with logic.

Why do you think people buy a Royce Roll?

The feeling of stepping out of a Royce Roll to a waiting crowd and that of stepping down from a Beattle is never the same. So, you see the place of painting pictures with emotions?

Tip No. 3

Proof. This principle says show me, don’t tell me. This fact has to do with you telling stories of how your product or services has made life better for people. In all sincerity, no one wants to try a product that no one else ignores.

Word of mouth actually strives of testimonies. This is why the pros in marketing make a lot of noise about those who have benefited from patronizing them. I think you should do the same. Always share testimonies of the benefits derived from using your products.

Tip No. 4

Pitch: One single mistake that people make in marketing is to render beautiful well-cultured speech that leaves their prospective customers overwhelmed. And the fact is, when we are overwhelmed with decisions, we don’t do anything. It is, therefore, advisable to do a single call to action. Don’t give them 20-30 things to act on; give them one thing to do at the end of your advert, speech, articles, videos, or social media post.

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