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5 Ways To Make More Money Online

5 Ways To Make More Money Online

I have received tons of emails from subscribers asking me to show them trending ways to make more money online in 2019. So, this article is strictly for those who want to make some extra cash by leveraging on their constant internet surfing. So, I will be showing websites with which you can make passive income. It’s okay to skip if you don’t like money; but who does not?

Alright, now that I have your attention, let’s go learning.

Click Funnels is into affiliate marketing, and they pay millions of dollars in affiliate commissions. Presently they are valued at over five hundred million dollars.  In terms of the ClickFunnels affiliate program itself, you will earn 40% recurring commissions on sales of ClickFunnels, as well 40% commissions on all the related products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem. You also get 5% commissions that any ClickFunnels affiliates who sign up under you get. I won’t go too deep, but, hey, you can check the website out and make some cash for yourself.

UpWorks is a website for freelances. Businesses and individuals post out services they will like to outsource; such as article writing, video editing, app development, coding, etc. All you need to do is to have a skill and then build a robust profile that is both attractive and sellable. This website will increase your potential of having a job offer from a client.

Some persons know Amazon as that fantastic site where you can buy anything and everything. But one thing they don’t know is that Amazon offers other several services.

Amazon Mechanical Turk. For instance, organizations outsource jobs that are too difficult for a computer program. While a computer program can do a whole lot, it can’t handle tasks such as audio editing, transcribing, translating audio and video from different languages, writing reviews, articles, testing web pages and a whole lot of other services, without human help.

This is one of the most trending ways of making money worldwide. PlaylistPush is a website that tends to help aspiring musicians to solve the problem of people not listening to their music, no matter how amazing it is. In PlaylistPush, you can earn up to 12 dollars per song by just listening to songs. However, for you to start earning money on PlaylistPush, you need to have up to 400 followers on Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music.

TryMyUI makes the web more accessible for everyone to use by letting designers and coders see the obstacles that real people run into on their sites and apps. Users are required to download a recording software after logging in and applying to UserTesting. This software records screen actions and sounds. You will go on to tell them about the problems you encountered during testing. Once that’s done, users have to take a sample test, like an audition to apply for testing websites. If your sample test is approved, you can start testing immediately. There are some other easy things to do. After which, you supply your PayPal details, and that is it.

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