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How I Grew As a Small Business In The UK

How I Grew As a Small Business In The UK

Hello Classilanders, today I have something Juicy for you.

So, I got multiple buzzes over the week on my email requesting that I share how I grew my business. I feel honored to have you guys trust my proven advise.

The United Kingdom is not just business friendly, it has dozens of opportunities that small scale businesses can leverage for business growth and success. If your business is not growing as it should, it is most likely that you are not pressing the right buttons. There was a time I thought that I had done everything that I should, yet the business was not growing as I expected. Just a few notes were coming in irrespective of the time and energy I inputted. It can be very frustrating to do much and see less. So, I lay hold of some principles that gave me the breakthrough that I desired. That is what I want to share with you precisely. And I hope you keep growing as you practice with these facts.

1.    Learn from those ahead of you

It was Sir Isaac Newton who said: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

One way I have grown and keep growing in my business is by learning from those who started small and are now mega. I became a YouTube addict, watching almost every video uploaded from all the channels of the great minds whose pages I follow. It was tasking really, but in the long run, I just discovered that I was making critical decisions effortlessly, and that was giving a tremendous boost to my business. The truth is, every business is a reflection of the proprietor. Your business growth is dependent on how much you know. This reason is why it is pertinent to learn from those ahead of you chiefly as the secrets of great men lie in their stories. So, if you can’t watch tons of videos as I did and I am still doing, get books and read.

2.    Invest in real talents

One of my breakthroughs in business came when I started employing raw talent instead of looking for the fancy degree guys. I started with young folk in my neighborhood and overtime our output doubled because this guy wasn’t looking for a job really, he was pursuing his passion. From there on, I learned the lesson of investing in raw talent. Today, I have a squad of passionate folks who are not just in for the money but to fulfill their burning desire of expressing what they are capable of achieving. So, if your business isn’t growing, most likely, you are doing it alone, or you have assembled the wrong team. I would personally advise that you look out for raw talents and see the magic. Finding talent wasn’t hard for me. I just discovered one that knows another, and the discovery went on like that. Using these two tips above, I was able to turn my business around from a struggling startup to a successful venture doing well in the United Kingdom.

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