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How to boost your Family income in the UK

How to boost your Family income in the UK

Lots of families in Britain are feeling the pinch of the current harsh economy. For many people, having a second income is necessary to survive. Unfortunately, many families in the UK are unaware of the thousands and millions of pounds they lose just sitting idle in their homes.  Hence, I have decided to compile these alternative ways to boost your family’s income.

Rent or sell Properties

Property is one of the family’s greatest asset and can be leveraged upon to get some extra cash. If you are looking for additional ways to make money for your family, you could consider taking in a lodger or leasing out your other properties. Rent is tax-free up to £4,350 a year, or just about £80 a week, but check with your insurance company first before going with this option.

Also, if you have extra space like a garage or parking space, you could consider letting it out for a fee. If you have you live close to an event center, your extra patch could be let out to people who need space to park their car.

Sell off unwanted but valuable Possessions

Many households in the UK have loads of valuable possessions lying around, heirlooms, books, furniture, never-worn clothes, collectable china, toys, and so on. Rather than have all these things cluttering up your home without use, why not sell them. eBay and other online auction sites have made it relatively easy to sell unwanted stuff online. You could make some pretty cool cash from that.

Sell your skill

Are you skillful at anything?  Be it making cookies, writing, hair making, anything at all, you could consider selling your skills. One way you can market your skills is by teaching other people how to do it. Millions of people all over the world are desperate to learn what you do with so much ease; you can teach them online for a fee. You can visit Udemy, an online teaching platform that brings students and teachers from various parts of the world together.

 Another way you could market your skill or handiwork is by selling what you make. If you are good at sewing, making shoes, knitting sweaters or colourful rugs, sculpture, pottery or baking, then consider selling what you have made to people all across the world. Check for guidance on setting up a business at home, marketing and red tape.

Sell your time

There’s a popular saying that goes “time is money”. People are willing to pay anyone who could handle various aspects of their lives that they have little or no time for, this could fetch you some extra cash. If you have lots of time on your hands and you are strapped for cash, consider getting a second job or at least, offer your services to people who have no time. You could help with deliveries, lawn mowing, pet or babysitting, grocery shopping and various menial tasks that people have no time to do. They would be so glad to get those tasks off their to-do list and would pay you handsomely to get them done efficiently.

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